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But without much more complete pre-Flood geneaologcal records, that cannot be proved.

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If true, then, of course, today there are no descendants of Cain in the entire world. His line was cut off completely.


Kain Cain was the name of a post- Flood town at the time of the Israelites. It belonged to the Kenites pronounced: Kaynites , a branch of the Midianites Joshua WebBible Encyclopedia Home. Descendants of Cain Cain named this city his son Enoch. The fire that warmed me made the dark impenetrable and so my mind saw demons and wild beasts lurking beyond the firelight. Every morning the sun rose again and I went on. I knew not where I went, but I could see the land was fertile and often thought to stop and sow seed.

However I was alone and lonely and went on. Grandfather had told me that the parents he made me were the first people.

Methuselah: When Did He Die?

Logic should have told me that if that were true I would meet no one else. We humans fortunately have a gift for ignoring logic and so, in hope, I went on.

Besides my treatment at the hands of Grandfather and his willingness to favour my brother had introduced me to the concept of lying. My logic told me that if Abel could lie then why not Grandfather? There were fewer people in the world back then, but after many days further down the fertile valley through which I walked I saw people. I was torn between my fear of the unknown and my need for company.

If it were true, as Grandfather said that my family were the only humans, then what were these?

I stood watching them, trying to decide what to do. Suddenly I heard a noise behind me and turned to see a man with an animal across his shoulders looking at me. He looked surprised. Startled, I stepped backwards, tripped and fell.

Noah Quotes – ‘A great flood is coming!’

They were speaking, but then I could not recognise the sounds they made as speech. They were equally at a loss to understand me. I noticed they were naked, their bodies covered only in their own hair. Grandfather had told my parents to be ashamed of nakedness and to cover themselves. When Abel cultivated his flocks our bark garments were quickly substituted for hides, they were more practical and far more comfortable. These people were utterly unashamed of their nakedness and seemed to be heedless of the nakedness of others. Amongst them was a beautiful girl with smiling eyes and when I looked upon her I discovered, for the first time, desire.

I stayed with those people and with the girl with the smiling eyes. And in time I learned their language.

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In return I taught them how to cultivate crops, how to gather seed, prepare it and sow. They called their Goddess the Queen of Heaven and prayed to her in the Moon each night. Hecate took me as her mate and bore me children. Our family and her people flourished. One day one of the men, Naboth, came running from the fields in a panic to warn the village of attack. The raiders came from even further east every few years to carry off women and children for sacrifice to their God Moloch.

Children of Moloch were big hairy men, savages with teeth filed to points and — like their God — they enjoyed the taste of human flesh. Our people had stone axes and clubs as did the Children of Moloch. The children went inside and the people with their clubs formed a circle around the house. I stood on the roof with my stones and as the first of the Children of Moloch entered the open space that surrounded the house I threw the first stone.

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It struck him above the right eye and he collapsed, unconscious. Several others entered the area, I felled two and the others retreated, bruised from my missiles. In the past the Children of Moloch had raided with impunity, but now they approached more cautiously reluctant to rush into the path of my stones. The Children of Moloch, unused to encountering resistance broke and ran.

They left behind several men felled either by my stones or by the clubs of the villagers. The villagers dug deep pits for the bodies and buried both the dead and the living captives. That night the villagers were exultant and celebrated, but I was anxious.

Methuselah: When Did He Die? | Answers in Genesis

Hecate asked me why I was so quiet after our victory. It was some time before the Children of Moloch returned, I expect they found easier targets elsewhere. I, however, chose not to wait and had a tall fence built around the village to protect the villagers had our enemies — as I expected — adopted the art of stone throwing.

Around the base of the fence and several yards from it I planted a hedge of thorns. By the next time the Children of Moloch came the villagers had also made spears with viciously sharp stone heads. After that it was generations before they returned. During those generations I learned again to sorrow. Hecate died an old woman. Our son Enoch and in turn his son also grew old and died. It was true I had great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren, but Hecate was gone and so was our son.

I have to admit I did enjoy watching the young growing up, but that pleasure was tempered by the realisation that I would also watch them die. Worse still the village that had once taken me to its heart saw me as something other than human. I only saw one more attack upon the village and it was the last I ever wanted to see. If I had been horrified at seeing men buried alive, that horror was nothing to the slaughter of my last battle for the village. Altogether, Methuselah lived years, and then he died.

Genesis , NIV.

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  4. Several possible meanings have been suggested for his name: "man of the spear or dart ," or "javelin man," "worshiper of Selah," or "worshiper of the deity," and "his death shall bring Methuselah was a descendant of Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve. Methuselah's father was Enoch , the man who walked with God, his son was Lamech, and his grandson was Noah , who built the ark and rescued his family from perishing in the great Flood.

    Before the Flood, people lived extremely long lives: Adam lived to be ; Seth, ; Enosh, ; Lamech, ; and Noah, All of the pre-Flood patriarchs died natural deaths except one. Enoch, Methuselah's father, did not die. He was one of only two people in the Bible who were "translated" to heaven. The other was Elijah , who was taken up to God in a whirlwind 2 Kings Enoch walked with God at age Bible scholars offer a number of theories as to why Methuselah lived so long.

    One is that the pre-Flood patriarchs were only a few generations removed from Adam and Eve, a genetically perfect couple.