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Initially, the developers at Phoenix Contact concentrated on the use of software architecture checking within the Axivion Bauhaus Suite. Together with the software architects in the team, the subsets in the UML models are more precisely defined and according to the context — for example in the case of safety-relevant functions — are modelled down to class level.


Component models are generated in projects which are not safety-relevant. This creates consistent and homogeneous UML models, whose conformity is promptly and continually monitored in further architecture checks, in particular for new code.

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Use of the Axivion Bauhaus Suite for architecture checks quickly became established at Phoenix Contact. After this, further functions of the suite of tools were integrated into routine development work.

The features for checking source code for style violations were of special interest to the developers. For the use of metrics, care was taken to observe a small number of metrics to track down quality outliers, e. Statistical analysis is also important to developers for the detection of errors. By means of additional analyses such as the identification of cycles, even faults that only occur sporadically and that otherwise would not be detectable can be identified and remedied. The Axivion Bauhaus Suite also efficiently detects clones, i. The clone management system not only helps the Phoenix Contact teams to avoid source code duplicates, but also to eliminate potential errors in the legacy code, if necessary at several points at the same time.

The rapid and obvious successes provide motivation for the Phoenix Contact developers. On the basis of analyses with the Axivion Bauhaus Suite, they understand and appreciate the value of architecture as a tool and now document their programming even more consistently. With the development of consistent and homogeneous UML models they ensure the long-term and manageable further development of safety-relevant as well as non safety-critical products. The Axivion Bauhaus Suite analyses also help with routine reflection for the improvement of the code quality of individual developers.

In the event of any support or other questions, developers are assisted by Axivion contact partners. Phoenix Contact has been using the Axivion Bauhaus Suite since The Phoenix Contact Group consists of twelve companies in Germany and more than 50 sales companies throughout the world. Erosion protection for navigation software in the fast-moving automotive industry. The software solution EB street director by Elektrobit EB is used for multifunctional navigation applications in the innovation-hungry automotive sector.

Axivion Bauhaus Suite has made a vital contribution to their successful development. Download Elektrobit Success Story in pdf format. EB street director by Elektrobit is used in the automobile sector and in consumer electronics for both mobile navigation devices and permanently installed systems. Regardless of the field of application or end device, modern navigation systems are becoming ever more complex and multifunctional. EB street director is therefore modular in design, with a navigation core that can be used for a variety of different end applications. This modularity allows the software to be integrated into new development projects in the automotive sector and makes it possible to build more convenient functionalities into the solution for the driver.

Especially in the premium segment, with automobile manufacturers such as Audi, Porsche and Mercedes Benz, as well as Volkswagen, this places extremely high demands on the performance of the overall solution. This is in addition to fundamental technical innovations, which must be integrated, such as connectivity for on-board systems with external devices and cloud-based services for the common use of data. At the same time, care has to be taken throughout all development phases to ensure that the system architecture remains sustainable, consistent and easy to maintain. This is the only way to implement new requirements rapidly and cost-effectively in the long-term — and meet the high quality requirements of the automotive sector.

The trend is towards larger development teams, with projects often being executed by over personnel at various locations around the world. The challenge is to ensure that all those involved in the project are kept informed and remain at the same level of technical knowledge. When it comes to dayto-day development work at EB, the Axivion Bauhaus Suite meets two central requirements right from the start: At regular intervals, the software tool automatically checks the conformity of the high-level architecture, which is modelled on UML-based tools, and the detailed design, with the code.

At the same time, the Bauhaus Suite continuously checks that the detailed design meets the high-level architecture requirements. Information on architecture violations flows into regular reporting which will be made available either to individual team managers or the entire development team by email, depending on the deployment scenario, as a dashboard message or within the normal integrated development environment.

Decisions concerning counter-measures, such as code corrections or architecture tracking, can then be made on a case-by-case basis. In this context, it is vital that the information is transparent and available, at all times, to everyone involved in the project. This enables the team to make informed decisions about whether rapid and successful development should be given higher priority in some situations and routine system maintenance should be considered less important.

In this case, they may decide not to make an adjustment immediately. From the technical integration of the Bauhaus Suite into the development environment and setting up the required analyses and reports to training developers and architects — Axivion offers every service from a single source.

After introducing the Axivion Bauhaus Suite, EB soon achieved its first successes at developer level: Transparent reporting provides programmers with an overview of their code. As they learn something every day, they can improve their development work and gain a better understanding of the architecture of their software. At the same time, integrating new personnel at the various locations has become considerably easier and faster.


The continuous improvement of its development work has now enabled EB to implement new features into the modules of EB street director faster than ever before. Moreover, new experience gained from the development, testing and debugging processes enables project managers to prepare cost estimates for new projects more easily and rapidly, while impact analyses can also be conducted significantly more efficiently.

All in all, the continuous architecture optimisation process, with clear interfaces and modules, ensures better testability. In this way, EB can ensure that the overall system is easy to maintain in the long term, as well as the quality of the navigation software solution, which is subject to particularly stringent requirements and standards in the automotive sector. Elektrobit EB is a multiple award-winning and visionary global supplier of embedded software solutions, cloud computing and services for the automotive industry. EB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Continental AG. For further information, please visit: www.

This enables consistently fast development speeds to be achieved in the field of safety-critical control devices with consistently high levels of quality. Today, the specific customer requirements and the necessary flexibility are mainly achieved and ensured by software. The growing customer base and the ever-increasing number of customer- and model-specific variants is therefore a major challenge for software development. Software development based on ISO also places high demands on the components and associated documentation from the perspective of quality, which has to be consistently high.

These include, in addition to requirements for the software architecture and its documentation, the establishment of and compliance with coding guidelines such as MISRA-C. The major challenge here lies in keeping the UML models and the implementation continuously synchronised. Manual checking is not an option because of the large number of projects and variants. The architecture of the UML models is now checked during the development phase itself.

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As a result, specific change requests for improving the quality are automatically triggered on an ongoing basis. As soon as the implemented components differ from the models, the software developers receive warning messages. In most cases, developers can quickly resolve the discrepancy themselves. In a further step, the coding guidelines were revised with the assistance of Axivion and these are now likewise automatically checked during the development phase using the Axivion Bauhaus Suite.

The constant checking of the architecture specifications and modelling rules has made the entire development team more aware of architectural issues. The importance of the architecture and the architects in the project has grown and been generally accepted. Day-today tasks involve resolving discrepancies, sometimes in the implementation and sometimes in the architecture. Work is concentrated on finding the optimal solution in each individual case.

As a result, not only are the requirements met in full, but lessons can also be learnt in the area of architectural design, thereby allowing overall architectures to be improved more and more. The perfect interaction and intermeshing of the UML models and the component implementations also enhanced the ability to reuse certain sub-components in several variants.

The automated checking of the coding guidelines in the background reduces the manual workload, increases acceptance among the developers and is more conducive to learning, since there is immediate feedback. The resulting overall increase in efficiency in development has made it possible to mitigate, to some extent, the impact of the much-quoted lack of skilled professionals and the associated shortage of personnel capacity.

With a turnover of The company, with its headquarters in Livonia Michigan, USA , has a global presence through its subsidiaries in 26 countries and employs approximately 60, people worldwide. Every day around , dentists and dental technicians use products from Dentsply Sirona. Download Dentsply Sirona Success Story in pdf format.

Another criterion for the software development process was to cater for the human factor.

For instance, in the event of unforeseen personnel shortages, the projects needed to be easier to carry forward and it had to be possible to integrate new team members more rapidly and seamlessly into the development processes. To boost the efficiency of time-consuming manual code reviews by key individual personnel, a further requirement was the establishment of a joint, tool-based process for code and architecture verification and dealing with the ensuing results.

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The requirements for the tool by different departments were diverse. For instance, it had to be usable together with different development environments and compilers. In the process, it had to be able to deal with the existing code base appropriately in order to safeguard its integrity so that newly-written code could be developed which did not deviate from that base. Thanks to the seamless integration of the tool, the UML models can not only be used for code generation, they can also be specified as the target architecture for the entire product. Moreover, the Axivion Bauhaus Suite provides project leaders with a tool which enables them to ensure that the architectures are reliably implemented by external programmers and suppliers.

The process of training new personnel is made considerably easier. The continuous checking of the joint coding rules supports the developers and is also of direct benefit for their own work. Software architects and developers who refine the existing code feel particularly motivated by the fact that targeted analysis requiring a manageable amount of work enables them to detect potential weaknesses in new code at an early stage, something which had previously been highly labour-intensive when dealing with legacy software.

Its use directly supports every single employee in their quality-aware development work, thus providing a strong base for making productive progress on the projects as a whole.

Energiewende in Deutschland: Murks in Germany

The outcome is high-quality software of proven compliance with standards which lays the foundation for products built on future-proof code which can be readily maintained and updated. Dentsply Sirona employs some 15, dedicated personnel in over 40 countries all round the world. Software erosion protection for safety-critical embedded software according to IEC in measuring technology.

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The new, integrated changeover and monitoring devices of the ATiCS series from Bender are the ideal solution for this task. For the first time, it has been possible to accommodate both the switching elements and the electronics in an extremely flat, compact enclosure. The specifications of IEC include a variety of requirements relating to the internal software quality. Among other things, it is imperative from the outset to create a well-structured software architecture and to check its conformity again and again during the development phase.

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Due to the complexity of the requirements, it would not be practical to rely on continuous manual checking as part of the usual code reviews for reasons of time and cost. Mandatory coding guidelines were created based on the various quality requirements. The software architecture was created and documented as early as the prototyping phase with the aid of tools. During implementation, the Axivion Bauhaus Suite performed in-process checks to ensure conformity to the coding guidelines and the architecture throughout the entire time.