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When Tom Morris encounters a naked man walking along the interstate with no memory of how he got there, the smart thing to do is drive away. The only problem is, Tom Morris has secrets of his own. Like the fact that he comes from a long line of witch finders, monster slayers, and enchantment breakers, or that his real name is Charming.

John Charming. John Charming comes from a long line of monster hunters. In this short story, he runs into a wila, sort of a nasty-tempered and mesmerizingly beautiful nymph, who has been collecting and disposing of, in gruesome ways, hapless human men. Mayhem ensues when our hero sets out to end her fun. Lots of fighting, man versus monster, a touch of humor here and there. A fatal virus—a biowarfare experiment unleashed on an unsuspecting world—has reduced the once-mighty United States to a smattering of tribes dueling for survival in the lawless wilderness.

The disease-free folk known as Settlers barricade themselves in small villages, determined to keep out the highly contagious Spewers—infected humans who cannot die from the virus but spread the seeds of death from the festering blisters that cover their bodies. As all Settlers do, Tanner dismisses them as little more than savages—until he meets his match in Spewer protector Lila.

But when hunter and hunted clash, their bloody tango ignites a firestorm of fear and hatred. This is SUCH a cool book for those like me who love post-apocalyptic fiction. The Settlers are as healthy as possible in a world of limited hygiene and medical skills while the Spewers are diseased and infectious, not welcome among the Settlers or anywhere nearby.

The increasing tension and anger that affect both sides is palpable and I found myself drawn to Lila as much as to Tanner but deciding which faction is more deserving of survival is a question still roiling in my mind. Rose has presented a conundrum that may not have any easy solution, leaving his readers much to think about, indeed.

It is hard to imagine what the mother must be going through and now we have the Ebola virus here. I really want to read this book. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. The Sleeper Screams. The String of Theseus. Chinese Finger Puzzles. The Mercy Seat. March of the Automatons.

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Where Even Moths Can Never. By William Todd Rose. About the Author. Excerpt from Demon Lights. One Good. After finishing this amazing work of art from William Todd Rose, I'm still reeling from the maddening conclusion. A work of speculative-fiction, Apocalyptic Organ Grinder has less to do with the apocalypse than it does with the human species and our monstrous ability to classify and subdivide groups of people until we can create an acceptable standard.

If written in the s or '60s, this book would have been hailed as a masterpiece: pitting two different variations of the human species--one inf After finishing this amazing work of art from William Todd Rose, I'm still reeling from the maddening conclusion. If written in the s or '60s, this book would have been hailed as a masterpiece: pitting two different variations of the human species--one infected with a world-ending, flesh scarring virus, and the other the pure-skinned standard--this book makes you choose a side, and it's a choice you don't want to make.

Who is right, and who is wrong? Who are the true "savages" in this story. We all know the answer, of course, but Rose explores the depths of human depravity and societal fractures, a timeless weakness of the human race. We are introduced to Tanner Kline, a Sweeper whose job it is to find and eliminate the Spewers, who have been infected with the Gabriel Virus.

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Tanner believes he is purifying his world from the taint of these "filthy people" for the sake of his daughter's future, but his ability to dehumanize the Spewers is paralleled by the introduction of Lila, a Spewer whose family has been destroyed by Sweepers. What's the difference between the two races? What separates them? Not very much. Rose includes narrative interludes that explain the history behind the disease and the division of these two peoples, though we realize that the "apocalypse" was made possible by human frailty and savagery rather than the virus's ability to depopulate the species.

The symbolic "organ grinder" doesn't seem to make an impact on the novel until more than three-quarters into the story, and there aren't very many other characters to help illustrate the complex themes. However, the conflict between the two groups is illustrated aptly through the eyes of Tanner and Lila--additional characters might muddy the plot.

The tension between the two perspectives is relentless, and there are two heart-pounding moments in this work, including the shocking conclusion, that will leave you breathless with conflicting emotions.

By William Todd Rose - William Todd Rose

While a chase scene does get bogged down by a little too much detail, the majority of the story is fast-paced and riveting. Apocalyptic Organ Grinder is an excellent allegory for any generation. While the book is certainly a genre work, it's easy to ignore any preconceived notions of fiction categories--a lesson that will help us better understand this book's most important themes. You could easily write a dissertation on the varying concepts that Rose explores. Highly recommended. Jul 02, Angela rated it really liked it. There are different groups of people: those infected and those not.

The infected are exiled and exterminated to keep the infection out of the colonies. Each colony has what are called Sweepers.

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The Spewers seem to be normal people, with the exception that they are infected with a deadly virus and can make everyone sick. They are trying to survive the best way they know how while living with the virus. The story is told from both perspectives: from Tanner Kline, a Sweeper and Lila, a spewer. Each one sees the other group as a threat and someone to eliminate should they have the opportunity.

It seems as though the non-infected people have the better technology and weapons, while the infected live more primitively. Does that mean that they deserve to be hunted and killed on site? These are questions that Tanner decides that he is going to answer Yes to, no matter what the cost. However, given the chance, she and the other Spewers can give just as good as they get.

I was hooked into this novella pretty much from page 1. I was drawn in by the writing and the vivid descriptions of everything. I felt the anger, the drama, the tension and anxiety that these characters felt.

I tried to decide which group should ultimately be the reigning group and you want to root for the non-infected because of obvious reasons. But if the Spewers are more compassionate and the non-infected are more trigger happy, then what does that say if they are eliminated? It is a tough dilemma.


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I would really have liked this to be a longer story. I think that I have so many unresolved feelings and questions that it is difficult for me to decide who is right and who is wrong in this story. I just know that I would hope that whatever decision I made that I could make it for the right reasons. Jun 23, Taylor Troncin rated it really liked it Shelves: preto-read-list.