Manual Cancer, and not the Zodiac Crab

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The zodiac sign Cancer is symbolized by the Crab, with its impenetrable outer shell and vulnerable underside. The Crab also carries its home on its back, and Cancer is about setting up a cozy and safe space wherever it goes. Under the influence of a Cancer planetary transit, we feel sentimental and nostalgic. These are times for nurturing ourselves and our loved ones.

Cancer Season Is the Best Time to Cry It Out

The essence of Cancer energy is sensitive, domestic, feminine, maternal, compassionate, caretaking, romantic, and creative. Negative Cancer vibes can be gossipy, cliquey, isolated, passive-aggressive, hypersensitive, and overly competitive.

Cancer and the Crab: Zodiac Sign Traits

However, we may play it too safe or feel smothered by too much Cancer energy, which can veer into coddling and codependence. The other two water signs are Scorpio and Pisces. Cancer people are excellent caretakers, making sure that everyone around them is feeling happy and content.

Why Are Cancers Represented by Crabs? | Zodiac Sign | Instantgo Blog

But Cancers also have to deal with quite a few negative stereotypes associated with water signs. Much like Pisces , a fellow water sign, Cancers are often associated with clinginess and hypersensitivity. Sadly, many assume that Cancers are so wrapped in their emotions that they're hard to get to know.

In honor of Cancer season, we're taking five of the worst assumptions about Cancers to task. In astrology, Venus rules love, beauty, and prosperity, while Sagittar. If you are having a problem with a relationship, need to vent about a difficult day at work or making a challenging decision in your life, a Cancer will be patient and attentive. Their empathy makes them great friends, lovers and confidants.

Cancer Symbol

They are honest and caring, and they usually give off an aura that makes you feel more comfortable opening up to them. Reason 3: They can fix things easily. Cancers will offer quick solutions to your problems. They will find a way even if the path looks dark and unclear. Cancerians have a knack of coming up with prompt solutions and are usually problem fixers.

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They're neither too mechanical nor too emotional. They know when to listen to their heart and when to listen to their brain. A Cancerian will not only give the most practical solution to your problem, but will also solve most of it for you.

Reason 4: They have a great sense of humor. Cancers have an amazing sense of humor, due to which they are always surrounded by friends all the time. They also have the ability to laugh at themselves when they're wrong, which they rarely are. They don't mind being the butt of a good, smart joke for the sake of real fun, and they're willing to look foolish to get a laugh.

If you like clever, thoughtful humor, hang out with a Cancerian. With their impeccable sense of humor, they'll make sure your life is all giggles and laughter. The Cancerian has got a lot of opinions and you better believe that they are going to share them with with the world. Reason 6: Cancers are very resilient. Tenacity is Cancer's middle name and when they want something out of life, they go after it, no questions asked.

That's why they are such important people to know; they are role models AND best friends all rolled into a cute little package. Cancers are very strong and independent. In relationships, Cancers are more willing to work through problems instead of giving up. Reason 7: Cancers are smarter than the average bear. You can always have a crazy ride with a Cancerian. Cancers are well informed and possess innate cunning, and just like the crab they are very calculating. They are very smart and have extremely good memory.

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They do their research on topics that interest them, and they're able to store information in their heads as if they have the Internet in their brains. This also means a Cancerian is usually the smartest person in the room. They will bring out your creative side. Best categorized as extroverted introverts, Cancers are very creative people and thrive when they share their art - writing, drawing, music - with others. A Cancerian will take great pleasure in expressing his or herself creatively, and will push others to explore their creative sides, too.

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  7. Cancers have a very imaginative mind and they love expressing their imagination through art and other creative outlets. A Cancer will probably persuade you to try something new with her Chances are good that she's already planned it out she just wants someone to share the experience with. Having a creative Cancer as your best friend means expanding your mind and learning something new about yourself. Reason 8: Cancerian is a supportive and encouraging companion.