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He can train anything from a three-mile chaser to a five-furlong sprinter. In early , though, and in the midst of his best season, came another major hitch. In what Cook confessed was a dreadful error of judgement, he tested positive for cocaine after a night out and was given a six-month ban. He says he again wondered briefly whether his career was over. Definitly Red was in handicaps this time last year, cutting a swathe through the Rowland Meyrick and the Grimthorpe Chase. The thing is, you ride it so many times in your head, visualise it and all the different scenarios that could happen.

I think he probably might have been. So where does Cook think his inner steel comes from? The first holiday I went on when I was 16, I had to work for six weeks to save the money up, pay for it myself. Both work and location make it harder to follow his beloved Arsenal any more and his main sporting buzz away from racing comes from watching eight-year-old daughter Isobel competing in triathlons.

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Son George is two, and a third junior Cook is on the way. The brighter lights, though, might eventually come calling, along with the patios and garden walls.

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The jockey is in confident mood about a horse who has gone from strength to strength this season. The thing is, I do have a lot of confidence in him.

So a positive mindset and hopefully it will pan out. Up Next.

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