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Junior year: I decided to switch to his high school this year. I sometimes wonder how my life would be different if I didn't switch high schools. We broke up this year around Christmas.

The memories that kept them afloat

He said he just didn't feel what he used too. It completely broke me. I cried for about two days straight. He was my whole world. We're not doing this.

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I throw his necklace he gave to me at him and he leaves. I walk into my house and break down even more. Exactly three days later his bitch ass comes back and we get back together. Senior year: This is my most emotional year. With graduation, college coming up, my relationship ending. All great things to come.

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Lets start in October. I was with a friend going through old messages and find these messages between me and this girl my boyfriend use to talk too. When we broke up my junior year she was trying to convince me that they hung out and blah blah blah. With me rereading this.

First Love

My friend tries to reassure me that everything is going to be okay. I drive to his house. We take my car. He tells me the story of him kissing her the day before we broke up. I start yelling. He convinces me that were in a good place right now and that its in the past. And I believe him. Two weeks later: We lose our streak on snapchat.

We mutually decide to take a break. That is until I find out he has been talking to a girl for two weeks behind my back. While were on our break he goes on a date with her. We make out but nothing more, even though he wants to. Already talking to a guy gonna have a summer fling, happy, not tied down, going to parties.

While he would stare at me in class and look like he was going to cry the whole time. Summer I date a guy all summer then we break up when he goes to college. She is very intelligent and talented girl. I said: — No mom, I do not want! I want to sleep now. You take care mom and good night! I did not pick up. So I called her back and talked to her. She always knew me and understood me with my voice. Even I tried to talk so that she will not understand.

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But she always perceived. She replied: — Yes! All the neighbours used our phone. All calls that came to our phone went first to the exchange and Mrs Parker, the Post Mistress, put the call through. It was well known that she listened in to the conversations. It was and I had just turned I fell head over heels in love. John phoned as often as he could.

The First Love

My grandchildren got fidgety. They were too young to be bothered with romance but I continued with my story.


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The phone was like ours except there was a box with a slot where you put in the money. When your money was used up, the phone just went dead. The phone became our best friend. She was not used to her exchange being so busy and I expect to her, our chats were boring. When she met my mother at Mass she told her about the calls.