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The lawsuit , Rosas v. Tutt sustained multiple injuries from the beating including a broken nose, a chipped tooth, and injuries to his ribs, head, face, knee, and leg. The history of violent LASD deputy gangs extends stretches back nearly five decades. Over the next two decades, the popularity of the gangs surged, especially among white deputies working in predominantly Black or Latinx neighborhoods.

A cop with an encyclopedic knowledge of the career criminals who call Northside home, Fernandez was always in the thick of the hunt. Around the hood, word traveled fast about sightings of the salt-and-pepper-haired-and-mustached Fernandez scaling rooftops and climbing trees on private property, where he could clandestinely observe drug dealers work their game.

It wasn't unusual for Fernandez, clad in his favorite green camouflage jumpsuit, to lurk behind a bush or hang from a branch, tracking a perp using his Steiner binoculars. According to a December 12, deposition of Donaldson Junior St. Plite, he, his brother Donald, and their friend Bobson Brutus were simply talking about music and joking around when Fernandez creeped up on them, gun drawn, on March 22, The siblings live in apartments next door to each other at NE 78th St. Plite told prosecutors, "and there's a gun pointing at me. I looked, you know.

I realized that was Fernandez. He normally comes with the camouflage. I put it together in my mind that it's him. Plite said. He snuck through a window. Plite was trying to help out his year-old brother Donald, whom Fernandez had arrested along with year-old Ricky Barber, a convict with multiple felonies on his record, on cocaine trafficking charges. On the arrest affidavit, Fernandez stated he watched Barber knock on Donald St. Plite's door and allegedly say, "Give me five. He also observed Donald make eight drug deals and enter an abandoned Chevy Lumina, reach into the passenger-side-airbag compartment, and retrieve a piece of paper containing crack, Fernandez reported.

State prosecutors dropped their case against Donald St.

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Plite and Barber on January 25, thirteen days after Fernandez and Losada were busted. Fernandez made many enemies because he was falsely arresting people and stealing their money, claim Joaquin Rodriguez and Jesus Maria Mesa, two older non-English-speaking Cubans who have been busted on more than one occasion by the camouflaged detective. The year-old Rodriguez lives in one of the efficiencies in the rear of a single-story apartment complex at NW 31st Avenue and 93rd Street. According to members of the CST, the building is a known crackhead hideout.

On a recent afternoon, while sipping Cuban coffee with year-old neighbor Mesa, Rodriguez recalls his experiences with Fernandez. He accuses Fernandez of falsely arresting him three times after they had an argument.

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We start jawing back and forth and he shows me the badge. Regardless, I told him he couldn't be in here without permission from the owner. He got so mad he told me I'd better move or he would make my life impossible. On August 18, , Fernandez arrested Rodriguez for cocaine possession with intent to sell. Rodriguez, a pot-bellied fellow with a handlebar mustache, claims Fernandez kicked down the front door of his apartment to arrest him. Rodriguez says his first defense lawyer recommended he accept a withhold adjudication and avoid trial for the first offense.

In January of last year, Fernandez arrested Rodriguez a second time on coke possession with intent to sell. He turned over everything in my apartment and didn't find anything. But he still took me in. He said I had two bags of coke and four rocks. Five months later, Fernandez popped Rodriguez a third time.

He served ten months in the county stockade and received two years of probation for the latest offense. He was released in early March. He says Fernandez used a propane gas tank to bust down his door and then threw all the food in his refrigerator to the floor. Hartman dismissed Rodriguez and Mesa as just another pair of convicted felons with an ax to grind against his client.

As the second-to-last addition and only unmarried member of the crime suppression team, Joe Losada was having a difficult time jelling socially with his coupled partners before he and Fernandez were arrested. According to sworn statements by squad members Benavides, de Armas, Leon, and Villalobos, Losada kept to himself and rarely attended team gatherings outside the station.

Villalobos, who at times partnered with Losada, told prosecutors he considered the young detective nothing more than a "co-worker. De Armas, however, revealed he did not like working with Losada, a Saint Brendan Catholic School alumnus who wasn't afraid to use his menacing muscular figure to subdue subjects.

De Armas didn't even like to lend his county-issued unmarked vehicle to him. I just don't like riding with him. Prior to his arrest, Losada was also accused of beating Derrel Burnett, a year-old man the detective arrested April 24, Sometime after that night, two undercover detectives observed Burnett receiving money from several people in exchange for narcotics, according to Losada. Losada and Sgt. Ramirez allegedly grabbed Burnett from behind and attempted to arrest him.

However, Burnett pulled Ramirez's arm and flipped him over his shoulder, Losada wrote. Ramirez landed face first on the pavement. Burnett then began to choke Ramirez.

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Losada stated he struck Burnett in the face with his police radio so he would let go of Ramirez. If you check this box, the name as you enter it including the avatar from your e-mail and comment will be shown in recent donations. Your e-mail address and donation amount will not be shown. Type "process: [process name]" to search for processes.


Type "inventor: [inventor name]" to search for inventors. A survey of the history of monopack or multilayer photographic color processes is given, including the coloring methods of greatest importance at the present time. These are: a silver dye-bleaching methods and b silver dye-coupling methods. Silver dye-coupling methods appear to be most promising, and have been successfully applied to monopack films according to two distinct principles. In one method, color-forming compounds are added to the developing solutions.

Color separation in this method depends upon control of the speed at which bleaching solutions penetrate superposed emulsion layers. In the second method, employed in the new Agfacolor process, the different color-forming substances, instead of being added to the developing solution, are incorporated in emulsions that are coated in superposition so that three differently colored images are simultaneously formed in a single development. The metallic silver is subsequently removed by solvents leaving only pure dye images.

This new process is based upon the pioneer work on color-forming methods of R. Fischer who, before the World War, developed the process substantially as it is now being used. Photographs of the Agfacolor safety print acetate by Barbara Flueckiger. Photographs of the Agfacolor safety print by Barbara Flueckiger. In: Katharina Spielhaupter ed. Rother, Rainer : Suggestion der Farben.

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Die Doppelproduktion Immensee und Opfergang. Frankfurt a. Schmidt, Richard; Kochs, Adolf : Farbfilmtechnik. Berlin: Hesse, pp.

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  3. Extreme: Book Four of the Phenderian Series (The Phenderians 4).

Schriftenreihe der Reichsfilmkammer, Das Film-Magazin Nr. Technologies, Cultures, Institutions. View Gallery Page. Timeline of Historical Film Colors. Christine N. Heinz B. Giorgio Trumpy , Research Scientist giorgio trumpy. David Pfluger , Senior Researcher david. Thanks for your support! Amount EUR. Card Number. CVC Number. Expiry 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 Display on Website?