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All he really has going for him there is charisma yes, I know, but in theory , and the point is that the combination of that with a gift for abstract generalship are enough to give you a good run, but not enough to win. He differs from his father, but neither is a politician. Which doesn't mean that this is not a clumsy, and pointless addition to the gallery of failures, or even that the overall scheme is all that clearly thought through. But it's not a great departure from how he has been presented previously, nor from what he signifies.

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Oh, and answers on a postcard please to my Jaime plot-hole conundrum: what happened to all the sodding wildfire? I mean, even if we accept it as psychologically credible that he would refuse to tell anyone why he killed Aerys out of some kind of bizarre self-lacerating petulance which I don't , how could he avoid it? The whole object of the exercise was to protect the city from the multiple caches of potent and volatile incendiaries stashed all over it - wouldn't he need to make sure the stuff got cleared away, rather than leaving it sitting there to get accidentally ignited next time someone's cooking-fire got out of control in the wrong part of town?

Which would surely involve telling people they were there, and hence how they got there.

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If merely keeping his mouth shut seems unlikely, making elaborate arrangements for their laborious and covert removal and disposal through some secret conspiracy of helpers somehow sworn to silence, just so that he can avoid admitting to saving the city, would be entirely beyond the bounds of credibility. And if he was inclined to keep silent because he didn't think anyone would believe his story, wouldn't all the wildfire caches constitute rather compelling material evidence?

Also, given that he didn't tell anyone, is all the wildfire in fact still there? In the books it is: during the preparations for the Battle of the Blackwater Hallyne tells Tyrion they found a large cache of wildfire they had no idea existed. As I recall, the alchemists also state in the book that production of wild fire had gotten easier recently, and it's strongly implied that this is due to the existence of living dragons in the world, even as far away as they are. I think I've proven myself to be dreadfully immature. All the talk of boners, and I read the first line of the fourth paragraph as "As for the other main source of fire, the Brotherhood Without Boners,".

I giggled like a child. Speaking of boners: I've been thinking about what Ygritte said to Jon Snow about how she knew he was still holding to his vows after their special time in the cave, and it's got me wondering Toggle Navigation. Overthrowing western civilization with sci-fi reviews. A Brief Treatise on the Rules of Thrones 3. The seventh runs five minutes and is set in Riverrun.

“It’s treason to free your enemies. In war you kill your enemies.”

The transition is by region. Analysis Inasmuch as individual episode quality matters at this deep a point in the game - and the transition to where it must be judged almost entirely on the level of individual scenes is nearly complete - this is a disjointed filler episode capped by what may well be the single most pointless cliffhanger in the entire history of play. Link Reply. Name required. Email required not published. Website optional. Are you still a crow?

You swore some vows. I want you to break them. I want you to see me. All of me. But once he decides he wants to pass, Game of Thrones , really for the first time since the first season, gives us a sense of what joy consensual sex can bring to two people. With your mouth. Is that what Lords do to their ladies in the South? You seemed to like it. Not ever. Sansa Stark is a finer reward than you could ever hope for.

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  • Tyrion will secure the North. We have Robb Stark proving he's his father's true-born son by sticking to his honor rather than listening to the advice of his counsel. In one very literal fell swoop he dispatches half his armies to the north.

    Loosing heads and losing heads are apparently skills linked quite closely by stubbornness and pride. Ultimately, rather than listening to his wife, his mother, or his uncle, Robb comes upon his own brilliant plan: to take Casterly Rock, home of the Lannisters.

    Nick Murray & Roger Shah - Kissed by Fire [Epic, Sci-Fi, Drama]

    And to do that, he'll need to go crawling back on hands and knees to Lord Frey whose daughter, he reminds us, he'd promised to marry. Which reminds me: perhaps he's not quite Ned Stark's son after all. Eddard would never have turned his back on such a promise, and certainly not for love. Further south we have Tywin plotting against the Tyrells, maneuvering Sansa Stark into the reluctant arms of Tyrion "The Imp" Lannister, and Cersei into the even more reluctant arms of Loras Tyrell, who Littlefinger is spying on.


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    On a side note, the spying-on scene leads to quite possibly the twentieth bare buttocks we see this episode, which seemed determined to moon audiences at every opportunity. Tywin's plotting is a great example of the King's Hand letting his ruthlessness get the better of his judgment. Giving up Sansa to the Tyrells could have been a reasonable way to extricate himself from both her and the north rather than somehow thinking that he could seat a Lannister in Winterfell and get away with it. The Tyrells could have worked their magic on the northerners, no doubt, in ways poor Tyrion would never be able to do.

    Meanwhile, Tywin surely could have secured a better alliance than he would by doubling down on Highgarden. Isn't marrying Joffrey to Margaery enough? Can the ties that bind really wind any tighter? One imagines an alliance with Dorne, for instance, would have been better. And Tywin could use it as an excuse to send Cersei awaysouth to Dorne, where Tyrion has already sent her daughter, Myrcella.

    Game of Thrones "Kissed by Fire" Review: Broken Vows and Misbegotten Ones

    The scene between the Queen of Thorns and Tyrion was yet another lovely illustration of the Tyrell's rather more skilled approach to managing the public than their Lannister counterparts, and a nice juxtaposition to the Lannister family gathering. It's nice to see the chess pieces move, and not just the blades fly. Let's fly southsouth, but mostly east, past the Free Cities to Slaver's Bay, where Daenerys Targaryen is trying still to make free men of the Unsullied.