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I love this! Had to send to her, as we debate a lot about how a name influences perspectives on a person before anyone has a chance to know better. A name is the ultimate first impression. Amazing post.

Chaos theory

As a life-long Cardinals fan, I love the fact that you used Skippy Schu in this post! It is funny to think about names and how they sound. No pressure, right?

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Another reason never to have offspring! Great post, I especially like your Pretzelrama disclaimer at the end. I felt the disclaimer was necessary. But what does it mean to have a unique name? My mother named me Canea. I think unique names can be hard to. I automatically ended up with a nickname because few people are even capable of pronouncing my name correctly.

As a labor and delivery nurse, I believe parents should execute a lot of caution when naming their kids. This is cheating a bit because my last name is my married name, but I love to talk to people on the phone, build a work relationship with them, and then eventually meet them. Love it. Someone finds my ramblings amusing I guess!

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Two years ago I worked very briefly with a lovely young fellow named Ebenezer. Although for all the time craziest, I once met a woman whose last name was Looney-Dick. So many questions, so little time…. Glad you found my nonsense not just hilarious, but bloody hilarious!!

I take that as a very high compliment! Very true. I agree, Great post!

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  8. Surely not helping a guy out of a Labyrinth only for him to ditch me…and then I kill myself… ah those Greek myths are so dramatic! Oh gosh! That would be the worst! Haha, so funny! Hi, Amanda! You know? You are so right with the name topic. I always thought that a name says a lot of who you re. Be sure that you have a new reader!

    A Dude, A Dog and A Dame return

    Also, read me at vivenciasdeunheraldox. See you around! Glad you enjoyed. I also did check out your blog. Thank you so very much for letting me know that you checked out my blog. Tomorrow, I;ll be posting a little story. Check it, please! Babies are not called Basil! Most definitely not a baby name. Glad you enjoyed! I have you beat on the bland name game. My name is Mary so ya Not all that exciting. I am in good creative company though. I submitted a poem to an on line contest and had a hard time sticking out.

    morals and meanderings from moms mind Manual

    I feel that you hit the name on the head, so to speak. Very clever post! I did a lot of thinking about names for my boys because of reasons exactly like you wrote in your post. Lets do another experiment, my kids names are Raeden Maverick and Harrison William.

    If you encounter these names in the adult world what would you assume they do? Obviously Raeden Maverick is going to be a pilot. Such a great pilot name! Harrison William is a little more versatile, could be a movie star or a football player.

    My brain thinks differently than the rest of the world. These are those thoughts.

    Definitely not a nerd though. That sounds like just the kind of book I would love to read.

    Justice: What's The Right Thing To Do? Episode 06: "MIND YOUR MOTIVE"

    Although I teach preschool. That would be great. But yeah, I remember Steve doing the transformation into Stefan. I think there was even an episode where they were able to make Stefan separate from Steve so Steve could go with Myra and Stefan with Laura if only for that episode. Anyway, I agree with this post and do feel that some names do automatically put people in their status in life. I wish my blog could be this awesome! But glad you liked it. Loved this blog. Lordy, Lordy, now I know where it all went wrong. What were my parents thinking when they named me Paul.

    I know what they were thinking. Way to go! Glad you could break through the barriers that were placed on you by being named Paul! You should definitely read Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Some very interesting research on what a name can do to your child. You will find that your post is not quite as nonsensical as you may think. Congrats on FP! Today, though, that seems selfish. My little, baby sister was Freshly Pressed today.

    So, in honor of her, I will use my daily post to repost her. I saw a birth announcement for a kid named Bubbles. Haha, this was fabulous! Haha, great post! I got shafted in the name department too. I totally get wanting to name your kid something different but something as off the wall as Apple is just ridiculous. I am sure it will be a best seller so then it will become a movie making your name even more awesome! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Oh man!

    7 Books that Will Change How You See The World

    That would be great! Reblogged this on Live, Laugh, Love. This is an awesome post!