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Love For My Peggy

I could have been a better sister to you! I'm so sorry Peggy. I love both of my sisters more than anything in this life, I should have cared for you equally. I would choose your happiness over mine, every time! I should have-' 'Hey! See you on the other side. And you too, Eliza.

July 2, 1942 - July 9, 12222

We need you! I need you!

Peggy was dead. Angelica stared at her dead sister in shock.

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This wasn't Peggy! This was a cold, distant stranger, not her sister. There was no flame keeping her alive. Eliza broke down after only one look at her dead sister. Within two seconds, she was being hugged by both Angelica and Alexander.

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In her later years, Peggy loved to putter around her yard in the summer, and enjoyed making quilts and doing arts and crafts with Lewis in the winter. Peggy is survived by her husband Lewis Thomas; sons Billy, Harold, and Tim; daughter Barbara; fifteen grandchildren; and sixteen great-grandchildren.

Services will be held in the Valley at a later date. Funeral Home.

Peggy Shanks

Baird Memorial Chapel. Partners In Care Hospice. We provide patient-centered care that honors the dignity and needs of those we serve. We worked together at the health screening unit for the state of MI for many years. So many fun times and adventures we had.

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I especially remember our trip to the Amish area of Ohio. We stayed at hostels which was a new experience for me but Peg was a pro!! Will miss our lunches, trips and visits. My heart is warmed by wonderful memories and your cheerful smiles. Thanks for being your beautiful self that I loved!!

I hope you and Mom Barbara Ziel have reconnected.

Margaret "Peggy" L. Porter

It now makes sense why you didn"t return my calls. I assumed you were with Marne visiting animals somewhere. I will always remember the vacations we three took together and your visits to Kentucky. I remember the flight we took to Florida with little Jack, you gave him a little teddy bear which he named PEG. So many wonderful memories I cannot put them in this space.

Loved You Much! So many memories of my best aunt Ever. Only a shh.

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  4. I loved spending the weekend at their house. Peggy was such fun Peggy always amazed me with all her traveling and energy. Mary died last September 17, So now the sisters are back together being silly together, as my daughter said. Truly a independent thinker. Peggy was an inspiration and friend to all.

    It was my honor to be her niece.