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Whisked away from his comfortable, unambitious life in his hobbit-hole in Bag End by Gandalf the wizard and a company of dwarves, Bilbo Baggins finds himself caught up in a plot to raid the treasure hoard of Smaug the Magnificent, a large and very dangerous dragon. Although quite reluctant to take part in this quest, Bilbo surprises even himself by his resourcefulness and his skill as a burglar!

Written for J.

Prelude for a Lord

Tolkien's own children, The Hobbit met with instant success when published in Now, in , this special new edition, illustrated by Alan Lee, commemorates the sixtieth anniversary of a great classic. Read more Read less. See all Product description. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. December 14, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. I cannot tell you how many times I have read this book.

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While Tolkien is not my favorite writer by any means, this is my favorite novel of all times. I really adore the characters in this book and Bilbo will always have a place in my heart. My favorite thing to do after a hard week is to put on the audio book and bake bread while I delve into words I've practically memorized. The audible audio book has little to no frills and the narrator does a phenomenal job at keeping to the heart of the series.

You can tell who the different characters are by the subtle changes in his voice, yet he's not so drastically different that it's disorienting. There's really not much I can say here that hasn't already been said.

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I'm really glad I have this as apart of my kindle library! It definitely held up to the paper back and kept the magic of Tolkien with little to no changes in the editing. September 28, - Published on Amazon. I ordered this book by mistake, I though Pocket Edition was the publisher's name not that it was "pocket-size" I'll keep it though because it's not worth the hassle of returning plus I'll probably order the "pocket-size" editions of the Lord of the Rings series as well to make it a complete set.

It arrived on time as promised and was in perfect condition so no problem with the shipping so I have no problem ordering from this vendor again. It's been a few years since I read this book and my eyesight is getting worse as the years go by so I went ahead and bought the regular sized version. I was hoping to find one with a new jacket design like the the other Tolkien books that are being re-released but the original jacket is just fine nonetheless. I would love to get a novelized version of the Peter Jackson movies to add to the collection. I know some Tolkien purists believe this would be sacrilege but I love what Peter and Phillipa did with the source material to make these movies.

September 1, - Published on Amazon. The hobbit tells a fantastic story of adventure, danger, friendship, and courage, and serves as a prequel to the even more immersive and epic book series, the Lord of the Rings.

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This book shows that even the littlest of people can be the biggest heroes. I loved this book. It is set in a large, detailed, and lore-filled world that made me feel like I was there while I was reading it. The book also has many likable characters. The Hobbit starts out showing the life of Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit. A hobbit is much like a human. The differences between a human and a hobbit is that a hobbit only stands about 4 feet tall, and all hobbits have long and curly hair.

And I know where Mirkwood is, and the Withered Heath where the great dragons bred. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist.

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USD 8. Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Age Range: 12 - 17 Years. About the Author. Date of Birth: January 3, Date of Death: September 2, Place of Death: Oxford, England. Education: B. Show More. An Unexpected Party 3 II. Roast Mutton 32 III.

A Short Rest 51 IV. Over Hill and Under Hill 61 V. Riddles in the Dark 76 VI. Flies and Spiders IX. Barrels Out of Bond X. A Warm Welcome XI. On the Doorstep XII. Not at Home XIV. Fire and Water XV. Average Review. Write a Review. Balina More than 1 year ago That was great. I enjoyed every minute reading this. R Tolkien is one of the best!!!! Bilbo More than 1 year ago The Hobbit is a great book for people of all ages. As you read this book it will bring you back to a time when life was as simple as good versus evil. Every detail of the world that J.

http://zunohuvigi.gq R Tolkien creates is brought to life. As challenges arrive, the characters' personalities change and they develop their own unique characteristics and feelings. As I read this book I felt as if I was growing and learning along with the heroes. I liked how the main character Bilbo began as a normal friendly four foot tall and became the heroic thief that risks his life for the sake of his friends. The Hobbit is just one of those books that you read for hours at a time and still want more. This is one of my favorite books and I would recommend it for any adventurer seeking the thrill of a goblin fight, the terror of a dragon's lair, or the excitement of encountering talking man-eating spiders.

The world of the hobbit is truly a well thought out literary treat.

Tolkien sows in stories and adventures that are not directly related to Bilbo to give the story more depth. One example of this is when he tells of how Bilbo's relative, a Took, who fought in the Goblin War and invented golf.

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One of the greatest things about The Hobbit is Tolkien's writing style makes the story sound as if someone is personally telling you a story.