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Thanks for letting us smile and conquer a difficult homework. Googled "word finder" and came here because of description, "find words for poetry. Wonderful site!!! I've bookmarked it and will come back when I need words while writing poetry. Thank you! I always wanted an Atari Transputer. Had the ST line and loved it for it's day. You've shared your talent and have helped a lot of people. Blessings to you. Thank you. Great site - crypto doer paradise ".

Because of the way I wrote the code, it may not list every combination of the same two words it finds. Sorry about that. I'm always trying to come up with ways to improve the code so I'll give that some thought. Brain freeze, helps to thaw it. It wasn't shown in results I just tried it and it works. Otherwise, it tries to unscramble it as a single word. It also unscrambles as "coed caretaking" and "certain dockage". My computer beat your computer.

I will use the site in the future when I am up against it!! The first word list contains all of the officially allowable Scrabble words.

The second word list is for spell checking documents. There are many obscure words that are not in either list. I am working on additional word lists. If you entered a valid email, I'll let you know when it works. Otherwise, it tries to find those three letters next to each other. Didn't you have the "any order" box checked to find "Octahedral"?

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Its Freakonomics. That explains why it wouldn't be in either word list. The math for doing searches and unscrambles on word lists with , words or more is pretty intense. Add to that the popularity of this page and the server might sometimes lag a bit.

Alphabet Book 16

That being said, I might move the comments to another page if the list gets much longer. Thank you!! Thx to all those guys and girls that helped to create it! It was just me, lol.

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Did you find this page randomly? LOL ". I've gotten my Text Twist score up to over 11,, now. Before your site, I always crashed the game by ,! I also like the rest of your site and its very useful contents. You also have some talented photographers here.

P is for pterodactyl, T is for tsunami: the 'worst alphabet book' becomes a bestseller

Keep it up I've wasted a lot of time trying to solve this problem. Till I find this wonderful site! May God bless you! Hehe, im talking gangsterish!!! The same process can be applied if we are given a case in which both the positions are counted from the right hand side of the alphabet. Remember, the answer we get will be from the same from both sides. Consider a scenario in which we have to find the mid-point between the 11 th and the 17 th letter from the right hand side of the alphabet.

Adding the two positions, we get total as The average of these two numbers is therefore So, the mid-point is 14th from the right hand side of the alphabet the same as the sides given in the question. Now we will convert this position into a position from the left hand side of the alphabet.

Applying the logic which we had applied earlier, we will subtract 14 from 27 and get the answer- 13 th from the left hand side of the alphabet, which is M. You can verify this answer by looking up the above alphabet. Fill in the blank Series These types of series consist of small letters which follow a specific pattern or series. Some spaces are left blank in between the series given.

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We have to fill in the blanks from given options to make a pattern. This can be clearly explained by this illustration:. When you try to fill the first option, it becomes pqppqpppppqp. It does not result into any particular logical pattern. This is because it includes a very large number of different sounds and letter patterns. In earlier phases, children learnt one sound for each letter pattern. By the end of year one, most children know enough phonics to be able to read the most common words in English.

Praise them if they try to tackle a tricky word using their phonics! For lots of children, their second year is the time when they really put all the phonics they know into practice, and learn to read longer and slightly more complex stories and non-fiction books. The focus in year two is not so much on using phonics for reading, as by now many children know most of the phonics they need.

A short, happy reading session is so much better than a long, difficult one! Any reading practice is good reading practice — and if your child is enjoying the book, they will want to put their skills into action.

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