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The protective impact of an assault weapon ban would be incremental over time, as existing weapons were recovered, damaged or otherwise inactivated.

First Responders: Women as Witnesses to Mass Violence, Jo Scott-Coe

The fact that a ban might benefit future generations more than our own is an argument for, not against, such a ban. The short-term impact could be augmented by a buyback program, such as the one implemented in Australia. Federal law prohibits purchase and ownership of guns by persons who have been convicted of violent misdemeanors, have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, or have been convicted of juvenile offenses.

This law is enforced through mandatory background checks that take place at the time of gun purchase from a licensed dealer. However, the law permits the sale of guns without a background check by unlicensed dealers. As a consequence, persons prohibited from owning guns can buy them from private sellers at gun shows and over the Internet. This loophole should be closed by requiring universal background checks for all gun sales. In combination with an assault weapon ban, this would make it considerably harder for someone planning a mass shooting to acquire assault weapons.

This is the legal loophole that allowed Dylan Roof to kill nine people in Charleston, S. The group Ohioans for Gun Safety is planning a ballot initiative that would require all gun sales in Ohio to be completed with a background check. This is particularly important because buying a gun at a Ohio gun show is the most prevalent form of gun transaction in the state. Ohio gun show distributors face little regulation. No state license is required to sell a gun, there is no mandatory record keeping, there is no communication with the state, and police inspections are not allowed.

As a result, Ohio remains a top source of interstate crime guns, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Allow law enforcement officials to keep modern, searchable records of firearm and ammunition purchases. Tracking the purchase of guns and ammunition electronically would provide law enforcement officials with a powerful tool to spot the weapon stockpiling that precedes a mass shooting.

Analysts might pay particular attention to stockpiling preceding a large public event in a given location. Cross checking this against other databases such as the terrorist watch list would enhance the ability to spot and investigate suspicious behavior before a mass shooting takes place. The creation of an efficient database has been vigorously opposed by the gun lobby on the basis that it constitutes an invasion of privacy.

Teen Violence Essay

We feel that the public safety argument in favor of gun tracking outweighs privacy concerns. In our own field, which highly values privacy, we have accepted that for the health and safety of a community, it is important to report certain communicable diseases to public health departments. When treating gun violence like an public health issue, this same approach should apply.

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It is not unreasonable to require someone who wishes to own a highly dangerous weapon to provide data such as name and address in the interest of preventing that weapon from being used for violent crime and mass murder. As physicians, we have seen how public health research has led to laws that save lives, such as the prohibition of drunk and distracted driving, the requirement for seat belt use, and the universal installation of airbags in cars. All of these have all measurably and substantially reduced unnecessary deaths. Congress should end the ban on public funding of research on gun violence.

The Centers for Disease Control should be fully funded to investigate the epidemiology of gun violence and to propose practical, science-based measures to address it. Objective data is the only logical way to have a conversation and enact laws that reduce gun violence. If private individuals are to have a role in responding to mass shootings, they should be trained and licensed. The effect of concealed carry has been studied thoroughly in the past few years, with the conclusion that there is no discernible relationship between the number of concealed carry permits issued in a state and the crime rate.

Of active shooting incidents from to , according to an FBI analysis, only one was stopped by a concealed carry permit holder. Nonetheless, the idea that an experienced person such as a military veteran with a firearm could disable a shooter before law enforcement arrives is often put forward as a rationale for concealed carry laws and unrestricted gun access. Mass shootings are chaotic events. The accelerating problem of mass shootings in this country demands a vigorous response.

When fighting to preserve our right to free speech and our right to bear arms, we neglect the fact that they do not exist in isolation.

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  8. When the simple act of being in a public space places people at risk of being shot and killed, no citizen can fully exercise his or her right to move and speak freely. We believe that we are never helpless in the face of death, disease and disorder.

    Suicide attack

    With a sustained national commitment to public health and a methodical scientific approach, we can absolutely prevent the sort of terrifying mass shootings we have seen in the last 30 years and overcome the epidemic of gun violence that afflicts our country. The solutions are there. We call upon Americans to raise their voices, and on public officials to act.

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    Bernard Mayer. Pankaj Mishra. Amy Chua. Hannah Arendt. Sean P. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Categories: Violence In Society. Free delivery worldwide. Description Violence is logical to perpetrators, but senseless to outsiders. Most enjoy their violent acts.


    Problems Related to Crime and Violence (Part II) - The Cambridge Handbook of Social Problems

    Based on in-depth interviews with violent persons, this book answers the question, "Why do they do it? The four sections of the book covers what violence means to perpetrators, the development of violent behaviors, accountability, and prevention. Violence prevention requires the promotion of trusting relationships, prosocial means of self-regulation, and prosocial beliefs such as promoting the best interests of others.