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It is possible that his last name is of Irish origin. This would be interesting because the Committee of Vigilance led an active and aggressive opposition to Irish-Catholics.

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They exiled over two dozen mostly Irish-Catholic democrats supposedly for political crimes, and Irish-Catholics were largely excluded from membership. Both committees were also very much related to politics in the city, in a mission against corruption of the state. That public sphere, in turn, was the arena in which party activists had to pursue their goal of organizing. As a matter of fact, the leader of the first committee, Sam Brannan, was elected to the California State Senate in Richard Maxwell Brown analysis from a legal and behavioral perspective poses a strong critique of the committees.

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He makes a case that the upper classes of merchants and landowners in San Francisco claimed that the city was being taken over by criminals as an excuse to seize government power. Arson was one of the main crimes that the first committee targeted. But several historians have argued that the organizers of the committee had a lot to gain from arson in the city, since many of them profited from the reconstruction. Contemporary views put more weight on their efficiency, focusing on the importance of protecting life and private property.

Contemporary historian H. The Committee of Vigilance dissolved on 11 August , and marked the occasion with a "Grand Parade. Political power in San Francisco was transferred to a new political party established by the vigilantes, the People's Party , which ruled until and was eventually absorbed into the Republican Party. The vigilantes had thus succeeded in their objective of usurping power from the Democratic Party machine that hitherto dominated civic politics in the city. Burke , San Francisco mayor Henry F. Teschemacher , and San Francisco's first chief of police James F. Vigilante headquarters in consisted of assembly halls, meeting rooms, a military kitchen and armory, an infirmary, and prison cells, all of which were fortified with gunny sacks and cannons.

The Committee also engaged in policing, investigations, and secret trials, but it far exceeded its predecessor in audacity and rebelliousness. Most notably, it seized three shipments of armaments intended for the state militia and tried the chief justice of the California Supreme Court. Among the names mentioned by "a purifier," in his communication of Friday last, as objectionable appointments of the Custom House, was that of Mr.

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Bagley, who has since called on us, and by whose request we have made more particular inquiries into the charges made against him. On Monday we told Mr. Bagley that we could not feel justified in withdrawing the general charge against him, for though in the particular cases mentioned we had not been satisfied that he was the party at fault, yet the general character we heard was against him.

To this Mr. Bagley urged that our informants were all enemies of his, which, in one sense of the word, is true, though they are not the persons he supposes. At our last interview with Mr.

The Vigilance Committee of 1856

Several such have called on us, but whilst they are unanimous in saying that Bagley behaves himself very well at present, yet when we ask them, for instance, about the fight with Casey, they cannot explain satisfactorily. Our impression at the time was, that in the Casey fight Bagley was the aggressor. It does not matter how bad a man Casey had been, nor how much benefit it might be to the public to have him out of the way, we cannot accord to any one citizen the right to kill, or even beat him, without personal provocation.

The fact that Casey has been an inmate of Sing Sing prison in New York, is no offence against the laws of this State; nor is the fact of his having stuffed himself through the ballot box as elected to the Board of Supervisors from a district where it is said he was not even a candidate, any justification for Mr. Bagley to shoot Casey, however richly the latter may deserve to have his neck stretched for such fraud on the people. These are acts against the public good, not against Mr. Bagley in particular, and however much we may detest Casey's former character, or to be convinced of the shallowness of his promised reformation, we cannot justify the assumption by Mr.

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Bagley to take upon himself the redressing of these wrongs. This case of Bagley's has caused us much anxiety, and we should have been pleased to have withdrawn cheerfully his name from the list alluded to, but we cannot conscientiously do more than express our gratification at the assurances we get of his present conduct, in which we trust he will persevere.

As to Casey fight, we suggest to Mr. Bagley if he can explain that away, it would not be amiss to do so, and he can have the use of our columns for that purpose. There remains historical controversy about the vigilance movements. Papers of the San Francisco Committee of vigilance of by San Francisco Committee of Vigilance of Book 3 editions published in in English and held by 5 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

San Francisco Committee of Vigilance collection in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide Volume 1 includes blank enrollment and membership forms, invitations to Grand Ball, correspondence, list of boat captains, and petition against the Vigilance committee.

Chiefly pertains to the Committee of Volume 2 contains 3 membership certificates for the Committee of Proclamation of the Vigilance committee of San Francisco. June 9th, To the people of California by San Francisco Committee of Vigilance of Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide.

Henry L. A sketch of the causes, operations and results of the San Francisco Vigilance Committee in by Stephen Palfrey Webb Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide. San Francisco Committee of Vigilance miscellany in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide Membership and financial records of the Twenty-third Company of the Vigilance Committee of , under the command of Capt. John T.

Little, consisting of miscellaneous bills, receipts, notices, letters, reports, minutes, a muster roll, and an account book; two resolutions opposed to the Vigilance Committee; a typescript, titled: The sixty day rules in San Francisco of the Vigilance Committee of , by Almarin B.